Glitch Auction Sniper

For Chrome

There is no assurance that this will not blow up your computer, strip your avatar naked, and burn up all your currants (possible!). Please install at your own risk.

Please report problems / bugs here.

This is in no way endorsed by the creators of Glitch / Tiny Speck. All trademarks remain the property of their owners... (the usual legalese, blah blah etc). I play their game and wrote this to help myself. That is all.

[PLUG]: Do you like selling as much as buying in the auctions? Check out my new Chrome app Gregarious Grocer! It has a super-smart auto auction listing engine and much much more!
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What It Does

Please watch in HD

This is clearly a sniper utility as much as Glitch auctions are really auctions. ;) But if you're trying to get an achievement, like converting 2003 fruits or regularly craft items for sale, this could be useful! This script will let you pick up auctions en masse without clicking the re-fresh button constantly.

  1. You pick an item, e.g. beans and set:
    a. how much of it you want (qty, e.g. 1000), and
    b. how much you're willing to pay for 1 unit of the item (max price, e.g. 4 currants per bean)
  2. The script then polls the auctions at an interval to buy up bean auctions priced at 4 currants each or less, until a 1000 has been bought.

How to Install / Update

Latest version: See Chrome Web Store for current version
This involves your currants! You risk losing a bunch of currants unexpectedly, so please don't use the script if you're not comfortable.


Recommended You can now install the extension from the Chrome Web Store (click on the "Add to Chrome" button!), and follow any necessary on-screen instructions. Refresh the Glitch Auctions page to see the Snipes menu item in the left sidebar.


Soon-ish Very probably not.

How to Use


Please report other problems / bugs here.